Riverside Christian School blends nurturing with academic rigor to deliver an age-appropriate education to students in grades K-5. During these years, teachers work with parents to lay, and then build upon, the foundational skills to help students be successful in the core academic areas. Throughout the day, students have classes for Bible, math, history, science and a language arts block, consisting of reading, writing, spelling and language/grammar. Students leave the room for music, library, art and physical education. Chapel is an all-school activity that takes place every Wednesday morning (8:40-9:10) and parents are welcome to attend.

Each teacher extends learning from the classroom to the community with a variety of field trips. Technology is also used to enhance the curriculum, with each student having a tablet for use in the classroom. The Elementary grades present musical productions in December and May.

Elementary and School Hours




11:15-11:35 Grades 2-5

11:35-12:00 Grade K-1


3:00 Grades K-4

3:07 Grade 5