Christ Centered Hands On Learning Experience

Sessions Offered:

  • 3-4 yr old class T TH from 8:30-11:20
  • 4-5 yr old class M W F from 8:30-11:20 or 12:10-3:10

Student’s age: by Aug. 1 of the current school year

At RCS we believe young children learn through play. While in school your child will experience several different activities that will cause him or her to grow in all areas of  development: spiritual, emotional, cognitive, language, social, and physical. These areas will be measured by classroom observations and reviewed with the  parents at fall and spring parent teacher conferences.

Received Top Parent Aware Rating from Minnesota Department of Human Services for 2017.

Daily Activities

Bible ~ 15 min.

Students receive seeds of Bible truths while listening to stories.  Students also participate in singing, saying verses and prayers during this time.

S.M.A.R.T. ~ 20 min.

A curriculum that stimulates maturity through accelerated readiness training. The program consists of fun physical activities rolling, crawling, balance beam walking, jumping and more. 

Activities develop and enhance large and fine motor skills, balance and coordination, visual efficiency, attention, and much more. Resulting in a more mature brain and a child who is better prepared to learn. 

Learning Activities ~40 min.


We teach phonics with the use of Zoo Phonics. Students learn an animal name and action for each letter. These help cement the letter shape and sound into memory.

Other concepts taught are: 

  • rhyming
  • retelling of stories
  • making predictions
  • sequencing events
  • classifying
  • visual discrimination
  • describing objects
  • drawing and dictating their own stories
  • following directions


Teacher directed activities that  teach: 

  • counting 
  • numbers
  • basic colors 
  • basic shapes
  • sorting
  • patterning
  • opposites
  • size
  • spatial relationships
  • comparing
  • measuring
  • graphing

Fine Motor Skills

Students build skills while they play with jumbo tweezers, clothes pins, lacing cards, craft materials, beads, and writing materials.

Hand Writing

Four to five year old students practice writing their letters, numbers, and shapes first in sensory materials such as sand then on paper and chalk boards.

Theme Related Activities

Every 1-2 weeks we have a different theme with a variety of activities that involve science, social studies, and creative arts. 


  • Our kitchen provides us with a snack from two food groups.
  • 4-5 Year olds have 20 minutes of music a week with our music teacher.
  • We use songs throughout the day.

Play ~ 30 min.

Students build relationships while playing in an area of choice. There are sensory activities, dramatic play, creative arts, blocks, books, and cognitive games and puzzles available each day for students to pick.  These are changed monthly.

Story Time ~ 10 min.

Teacher reads to all students a theme related picture book.  Teacher checks for comprehension through the use of questions.

Large Motor Play ~ 20 min

Students are moving. Depending on the day and the weather they are either in the gym or on the playground.