About – HS

RCHS is a next-generation high school, unique to the greater Grand Forks area, with the goal of training both the heart and the mind of students in the development of godly wisdom, so they may reflect the character of Jesus Christ in everything they do.  Students will be equipped to think biblically and encouraged to be effective communicators, collaborators, creators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.


Riverside is partnering with NorthStar Academy to offer over 220 courses, including 5 foreign languages, 18 AP courses, career exploration courses, and expedition courses including travel, as part of their course curriculum.  NorthStar Academy is a fully accredited online, private college preparatory Christian school offering a rigorous and high-quality academic program taught by highly qualified, mission-minded, Christian educators in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Academic and spiritual readiness is achieved through faith-based, student-centered courses led by credentialed teachers who challenge students through engaging, standards-based content.  Along with these online offerings, students will have the opportunity to take onsite, traditional classes and participate in career exploration with community-based job shadowing and internships tailored to the interest of the student.     

Personalized Education

RCHS students will work with a counselor, to help create the frame for their coursework, based on the unique interests and abilities of each student.  Discipleship and mentorship promote students who are striving to grow in personal awareness, communication, and intimacy with God, so they can live out that relationship in the world.  Faculty and staff will mentor the student and, in turn, the students will have opportunities to mentor others, peers as well as younger students. 

Mission Minded            

Students of RCHS will be mission-focused with the opportunity to serve locally, regionally, and beyond. RCHS students will be equipped to lead their family, their workplace, their community, and the world to the knowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. 

Cindy Waind


Cindy Waind has served has the principal of Riverside Christian School for the past 5 years.  She leads our team with 15 years of prior teaching experience as a 1st grade teacher.  Her love of Jesus shines through as an effective and admired leader by the faculty and staff of the school.  

Her daily morning routine is to walk the halls of Riverside to pray for each and every student and teacher.  

The school is blessed to have a caring, compassionate, and faithful principal like Cindy Waind.