RCS is Growing & Focusing on the Future of our School

As Riverside Christian School celebrates 40 years, we continue to move forward as a family and as a school. At

the last two parent meetings on Nov. 3 & 17, school administration & staff have discussed our mission statement, the high school concept, importance of early re-enrollment, activities & athletics at RCS, as well as the option of a new school, in particular, the purchase agreement for the

Macy’s space in the Columbia Mall.


With all of the exciting changes and additions to RCS, we want to keep our families informed and up to date. We encourage parents to email any questions or concerns to our school board members at


We will be updating the “RCS Growth” page on this website as new questions arise, or new information comes in. Thank you for your time and dedication to Riverside Christian School.

UPDATE JAN. 5, 2023:  On behalf of the RCS School Board, I want to welcome you back to school for 2023. We were hoping to announce that we had closed on the Macy’s space. Instead, we found we have a bit more red tape to unstick. The process has been delayed, causing us to sign a 60-day extension to the purchase agreement in order to mitigate changes that need to be made to the maintenance agreement between tenants. We have tentative approval at this point but having many parties involved means things don’t move quickly.


On another note, the results have returned from the completed feasibility study conducted this fall and they are favorable. Pace Fundraising, after doing many stakeholder interviews, concluded that the possibility of raising $10-$15 million dollars during a building capital campaign is promising. Please, continue to bring this endeavor before the Lord, praying for His will to be done.


UPDATE FEB. 9, 2023 (NoteHome): 

The board wanted to send an update on the latest happenings at Riverside.


First of all, our potential purchase of the Macy’s property and desire to move the school into this space, went before the Grand Forks Planning & Zoning Commission on February 1st. This was the first reading and we were given preliminary approval. This rezoning request is necessary to permit a school as an “allowable use” on the property, which is currently zoned for shopping. We ask that you keep praying for God’s hand to be in the process as this is the first step in a series of four meetings to gain final approval.


Please be praying for the board along with our legal counsel and real estate agent as they work to guide us through the negotiation process with the current Macy’s owners, the mall management company, and the other store owners while we work to finalize the purchase of the property. We are so thankful for these two gentlemen and their expertise as they help us to seek God’s will for RCS and believe that He will only leave open the doors that we are to pass through.


I want to take this chance to thank Mrs. Waind for all of her years of service to the RCS family as a parent, teacher and principal. With that comes one more prayer request. Please join us in praying for whomever the Lord has chosen to fill that role as we finalize the job description and post the job opening. I am excited to see what the future holds for Riverside Christian School!


Scott Johnson

RCS School Board President



Cindy Waind


Cindy Waind has served has the principal of Riverside Christian School for the past 5 years.  She leads our team with 15 years of prior teaching experience as a 1st grade teacher.  Her love of Jesus shines through as an effective and admired leader by the faculty and staff of the school.  

Her daily morning routine is to walk the halls of Riverside to pray for each and every student and teacher.  

The school is blessed to have a caring, compassionate, and faithful principal like Cindy Waind.