Learning Management System (LMS)

FACTS LMS gives you an opportunity to use the Learning Management System (LMS) to interact with a classroom environment – all via the Internet!


FACTS LMS is a private and secure student area that will allow students to connect with students and teachers online, including accessing class materials, uploading assignments, participating in classroom discussions, and taking quizzes.


Here’s how to access the LMS:

  1. 1. In Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer go to
  2. 2. Type the school’s District Code: RS-MN
  3. 3. Type your student’s Username
  4. 4. Type the student’s Password
  5. 5. Click Login.


Please view the following videos for tutorials on how to use this platform:


Overview:   Password: factslms

Student tutorial:   Password: factslms


Teachers will be utilizing this platform for assignments, videos, discussions, quizzes and more. Please check in frequently as assignments quizzes, etc; may have due dates and specific times that students may need to be in a discussion or available for a video conference.